Round The World Trip 2017/2018: The Costs

Round The World Trip 2017/2018: The Costs

During our round the world trip we kept a record of all our spending and I have outlined it in this blog to help other travellers estimate the costs of their upcoming trips.

To help you understand our style of travel you need to get to know us a little more. Rich and I travel as a couple and so frequently share the costs of transport or accommodation, something a single traveller might not benefit from. We are also budget travellers; often staying in dorms rather than private rooms, we eat very cheaply cooking in hostels when we can or eating local street food and we travel on longer cheaper local forms of transport rather than flying or taking a private car. We do, of course, also splurge on some ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences.

Keeping a thorough record of all of your spending might seem like a lot of work but we found the app MoneyLover made it a lot easier. This app has lots of great features; you can add an expense in a foreign currency and it will convert it to your home currency, you can choose your own categories making it personal to your trip and it will give you a clear monthly overview showing where your money is going. We then used Google Sheets to collate all this information and to keep track of our overall spending. A useful tip is to spend a bit of time setting this up before you leave on a computer as it can save a lot of time when you are away, especially if you are only planning to take a phone and not a laptop.


Table One - Full budget breakdown (per person)
Table One –   Full budget breakdown (per person)


Table Two - Total expenditure for each expense category (per person)
Table Two – Total expenditure for each expense category (per person)


Table Three - Total expenditure for each country (per person)
Table Three – Total expenditure for each country (per person)


Table 4 - Average daily spend for each country (per person)
Table 4 – Average daily spend for each country (per person)


Please let us know if you have any questions about the costs outlined above. Our total spending for the whole year was £13,960 per person which is an average of £38.25 per day. This includes everything from insurance to international flights to daily spending on food, drinks and accommodation.

Some people think travelling the world is expensive and an impossible goal to achieve. I hope this blog helps everyone understand that its very affordable and inspires more people to travel the world.



4 thoughts on “Round The World Trip 2017/2018: The Costs

  1. I love me a good breakdown. I often find that slower travelling (like you’ve done) is way more economical. I think the reasons that people go and spend a fortune is that they cram too much into too short a period of time. I see it all the time with Americans. I reckon it’s down to their very limited vacation periods. Anyway, I remember last year when that woman broke the record for visiting all the countries in the world (196) in about 550 days or something and it cost her 160,000GBP. Seriously what’s the point in that? Anyhoo, were your times in Russia, CHina, Mongolia, Thailand, Laos, Nepal amongst others limited to 30 day visas or did your travel plans just work out that way? Did you find any 30 day visas restrictive? I could have spent months in Nepal hiking around. Good article.

    1. Slower travel is definitely cheaper, we also met people during our trip who were speeding around. Each to their own but it’s not how I’d choose to travel.
      We mostly planned the trip based around the availability of 30 day visas, it gave us a rough time limit for each country and forced us to move on.
      The only place we found the 30 days restrictive was Myanmar and we actually overstayed by 5 days and just paid the manageable $2 a day “extension fee” when we left.
      Could do months worth of hiking in Nepal but I think it’s quite nice to break it up a bit, Nepal is one place for sure that we’ll be going back to at some point in the future!

  2. This is both fascinating and really helpful. Thank you for tracking this and sharing it. I hope you had a wonderful trip.

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