Plans are made to be changed

Myself and Rich at Kuang Si waterfall just outside Luang Prabang, Laos

Myself and Rich at Kuang Si waterfall just outside Luang Prabang, Laos

Rich and I have been travelling now for just over seven months. We are just about to leave Laos and cross the border into Cambodia. We have seen and experienced so many wonderful things that when other travellers ask us what has been our favourite country so far it’s often very difficult for us to say.

We must admit you do frequently have similar conversations when you travel. This is to be expected. Where are you from? Where have you travelled? How long are you travelling for? I must admit sometimes this can be tedious however more often than not these simple questions lead to the most interesting conversations. I love hearing stories from travellers who have been where we are going. Word of mouth is an amazing source of information and some things just can’t be found online. We also both love telling other people about countries we have visited. It’s a great way to recall memories and to share tips.

While on a bus in Laos we were chatting with a French girl. She had been travelling with her boyfriend for 14 months and said she was getting quite tired and said they were soon going to head home. She enjoyed hearing about our trip particularly the countries further a field like Nepal, Russia and Mongolia.

As we chatted Rich and I realised that since being in Southeast Asia we haven’t had the culture shock factor we had from the earlier countries in our trip. Recently we have actually become less interested in some of the Asian culture and landscape as there is only a certain number of temples, pagodas or views you can see before you start thinking I have seen one bigger or better than this.

With five months to go we don’t want to become blind to these amazing sights. For this reason we have been discussing changing our plan. We originally were going to travel Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia, staying only within Asia. Instead we now plan to cycle across Cambodia for two weeks and then fly to Sri Lanka via Malaysia. From here we will leave Asia and head to the Middle East to Oman where we hope to rent a 4×4 and wild camp. We will then use the flight hub of Dubai to travel to Ethiopia and into Africa. With very little experience of both these continents we are already excited to experience something completely new. After this we will start heading home with potentially one or two more stops. We have been discussing maybe Georgia and/or Turkey. 

We will of course come back at some point in the future to finish Southeast Asia but for now when we have all this time we want to throw in a few more worldly places.

Has Rich gone mad?

Has Rich gone mad?


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